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I am my own first client and I went through a stage when I used to doubt myself and my capabilities. I always had a general direction I knew I wanted to take my life in (i.e. I always knew I wanted to help people) but there was a time when I lacked the confidence to put my goals and my vision into action and fulfill what I felt was and is my purpose.  And although I received terrific education and training and had meaningful jobs, as a young professional on the brink of my career, I often questioned myself, compared myself to others, doubted my success and constantly had a feeling that I was not fulfilling my potential.

That all changed once I learned, what I consider to be, foundational life tools and skills to help me finally move past my self-doubt, feelings of anger and blame, and take full responsibility and charge of my life. These are not skills and tools that are taught in school. Learning and incorporating these tools into my own life, literally changed my life. Now I am giving back what I learned and now have to other young professionals.

I believe that in order to be successful in life, we require the following: an awareness and deep knowing and understanding of who we are  (which includes our beliefs, passions, and values) and fundamental effective communication/relationship building tools.

Each and every one of us has a unique ‘voice’ and our own unique way of approaching life and the world.  I believe that each of us was also born with unique gifts, talents, and strengths; and that we are here on Earth to share our unique gifts, talents, and strengths in our unique way.  I also believe that the most effective way to getting clear and directed in our own lives, career, and/or our relationships is by using our own inner voice as our guide.

My approach is what I like to call:  An Inside-Out/Relationship Approach™ - an approach I created to help you reconnect (or perhaps connect for the very first time) to your true self and your inner voice.   With this approach you learn how to utilize your inner voice as your personal guide to help you make the right choices for you, your future, your career, and your relationships.   You also learn how to most effectively express your true self,  your unique gifts and strengths, and your true wants and desires.

What I absolutely love and feel so incredibly grateful and humbled to be doing every single day is helping women and men like you, who may be feeling stuck, unclear, unsatisfied or unhappy about their life, career, or relationship direction; pick themselves up and move forward in these areas of their lives with clarity and confidence.

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“Jenny played a major role in helping me to reach clarity about my personal values and boundaries that are important for me which helped me a lot to gain more confidence and to decide what I am passionate about, what are my goals in life and how to reach them.  I knew that what I needed was some guidance- and not a therapy- and that’s exactly what Jenny did. She was the right answer for my self development and self growth. Thank you Jenny!”   - Areen


“This coaching experience was a life changer for me. It taught me things that are very basic about my life, but that I never put much thought into – Respecting myself, understanding that what I do is my choice, “Me time”, staying in my business.  These lessons opened my eyes up to how much I can improve and enjoy my life, and how much I can enjoy connecting with people without it influencing my self-respect.  This helped me a lot at a very important transitional stage in my life from the army back to civilian life.” - S.M.

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