Experts at BC Buds Medical Explain – Indica vs Sativa

Indica Vs Sativa

Indica and sativa are two strains of marijuana that share similar psychoactive properties, but also have some key differences as well. Both indica and sativa plants can be smoked, ingested or vaped to produce the psychoactive high, the important thing to understand is the differences in the experiences produced by these two drugs.

The differences between the two cannabis strains has much to do with where they came from. Sativa strains come from tropical regions with plenty of warmth and sunlight. Indica strains originated in mountainous regions with considerably colder climates and unpredictable solar exposures.

Since the world and especially the scientific and medical communities have taken a more open-minded stance on the subject of cannabis, these two original strains have seen some impressive evolutions. Through selective breeding and genetic manipulation, the original indica and sativa strains are cross-cultivated to produce a stunning array of hybrid strains.

These strains will still fall into the categories of indica and sativa, but have special potencies and effects produced through design and breeding. The following sections will cover the most common characteristics of sativa and indica cannabis.

Sativa Vs Indica Strains

Sedating Indica

The Indica plants that originated in the shadowy slopes of Himalayan Mountains in Afghanistan, Northern India and Tibet are typically shorter and bushier than their sativa cousins. These plants have adapted well to their harsh environment and grow fast especially in indoor nurseries. This has helped them survive through fast germination before the harsh Himalayan winter kills off the remaining populations.

The high experienced from indica strains has been known to be very sedating and calming. The type of high that invites you to sit on the couch and do little more than indulge in ultimate relaxation your favorite band, a good movie and quite possibly a good meal. To the medical community, indica are the solution to insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and eating or digestive conditions.

Invigorating Sativa

Sativa grew in countries where the sunlight abounded. Southeast Asia and Central America are bathed in year-round golden glow and this has produced a strain of cannabis that can grow as tall as 18 -feet in the right conditions. These strains take much longer to reach full fruition, the balmy tropical climate allows these plants to grow in great quantities.

Sativa are known for a mentally invigorating high that can stimulate creative genius and is also a great addition to appropriate social gatherings. For those who want an uplifting and inspirational high at the beginning of the day, Sativa sets the pace with their sunny disposition and support to creative and cognitive functions.

In the medical community, sativa functions as an effective anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and relief to chronic pain conditions.

Conclusion – Indica vs Sativa

Today there are so many strains and varieties of cannabis on the market today that some regular users express that all strains affect them the same and indica vs. sativa is no different. Still many experienced smokers can tell the differences between the effects. This is a point that must be explored on an individual level. At BC Buds Medical, we offer a wide range of expert advice along the way. Visit our website for more information.